Annabel's Deliciously British Daffodils Cornish Bloom


Cornish Bloom – contains 32 stems of Daffodils and 2 Stems of Hard Ruscus

A springtime classic for any home. A generous 32 stem bunch creates a full and bright arrangement with the complement of the hard ruscus to add texture and depth.

Every year, daffodils fill Britons' hearts with joy, heralding longer days and warmer months. At Annabel's, we believe these iconic British flowers can be every bit as exquisite in bouquets and vases as they are nodding in sun-drenched woodland. Down in Cornwall, the picking season begins in December, while Scotland's flowers wait until April to bloom - so the origin of your bouquet is determined by when you buy it. Annabel's Daffodils are grown in harmony with nature. This holistic approach supports biodiversity and soil health but also produces the most vibrant specimens year on year, providing the nation with the best of British all year round


Annabel's Deliciously British


Keep your bouquet away from direct sunlight, radiators and fresh fruit, and do not place in a draughty spot. 

Preparation and Usage

1. Remove the paper sleeve
2. Trim your stems at an angle to give as much surface area as possible for your stems to rehydrate.
3. Prepare your vase and fill it with water"

Country of Origin


Other Information

Some natural toxins in flowers can make them harmful to humans and animals if eaten. 
Always wash hands after handling flowers.
Pollen can stain so handle with care. 


Contains 32 stems of Daffodils and 2 Stems of Hard Ruscus