Barilla Pasta Linguine 500g

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• AUTHENTIC ITALIAN PASTA: Our Linguine pasta will transport you straight to Italy with its authentic Italian taste. Made from high-quality, carefully selected durum wheat and water, our Linguine pasta is a firm mealtime favourite for busy families
• READY IN 9 MINUTES: Perfectly al dente, our Linguine pasta cooks in 11 minutes. Linguine is the ideal pasta for any sauce—its shape is designed to pair with anything from elaborate and dense to simple sauces
• VERSATILE MEAL IDEAS: Our Linguine is so versatile that you can enjoy it in a variety of ways. Not only can you simply pair it with our delicious range of pasta sauces, but you can also try it in a cold summer dish with pesto and cherry tomatoes. Great for experimenting with new flavours
• GREAT SOURCE OF ENERGY: Barilla pasta will help keep you fuller for longer and is a great source of energy
• BARILLA SINCE 1877: An Italian family-run company that is the leader in pasta and ready-made sauces in continental Europe. Discover our range of pasta and sauces

Making Italy's best pasta for over 140 years, Barilla Pasta Classic Linguine originated in the Liguria region of Italy, and 'linguine' actually translates to 'little tongues' in Italian. Liguria is situated next to the sea, so linguine is often paired with seafood. You can also try it with our Pesto or our Tomato Sauce ranges. Part of our Classic Blue Box range, which means perfect, quality 'al dente' pasta every time, our Barilla Pasta Classic Linguine cooks in just 9–10 minutes. Simply bring water to a boil in a large pot, add the Linguine, and a generous pinch of sea salt to the cooking water to enhance the pasta's flavour. For authentic 'al dente' pasta, boil uncovered, stirring occasionally for 9–10 minutes. For pasta that's more tender, boil for an additional minute. Drain well and serve the Linguine immediately with your favourite Barilla sauce. With a variety of shapes in our line of gourmet pasta, you're sure to cook quality 'al dente' pasta every time. From our short pasta like Blue Box Elbows or Farfalle to long pasta shapes such as Blue Box Spaghetti or Fettuccine, you're guaranteed to always get a perfect 'al dente' bite. At Barilla, we are passionate about pasta and have been sharing our passion with the world since 1877. We believe that cooking for someone can be a true sign of love, told in a few minutes by preparing a beautiful dish of pasta for the people you care about most. At Barilla, we strive to make pasta and sauce products that are good for you and good for the planet. Barilla. A sign of love.​

Barilla is an Italian family-owned food company. Established in 1877,and the No.1 Pasta brand in Italy.
Renowned for using quality ingredients and having sustainability at the heart of the business.
Barilla Pasta has always been in a cardboard box and recently we also removed the window from the box to be 100% plastic free packaging.
We put passion into everything we do so you can share the quality, our family tradition, with the ones you love.

To us, quality is a family tradition since 1877.


Experience the authentic Italian taste with Barilla Pasta Classic Linguine, Barilla helps you say 'I love you' by preparing a beautiful dish of pasta for the people you care about the most., Cooks in just 9–10 minutes, Our pasta is made the same way it has been made for generations, using just two simple ingredients: high quality, carefully selected durum wheat and water, Established in Parma in 1877 and family-owned for four generations, Barilla brings you the joy of eating pasta., Designed to pair perfectly with your favourite pasta sauces and ingredients so you can create something extraordinary

Further Description

No more plastic window
Changing Our World One Pack at a Time
We take responsibility of our environmental footprint, and the pack you're holding is proof: 100% recyclable cardboard made of virgin fibre coming from responsibly managed forests and no more plastic front window.

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Boil - From Ambient. 100g pasta
- 1 litre water
- 7g salt. Bring water to a fast boil and add salt. Add pasta and cook for 9 minutes, stirring occasionally. Drain and serve.

Preparation and Usage

100g Pasta
- 1 Litre Water
- 7g Salt
- Bring water to a fast boil and add salt. Add pasta and cook for 9 minutes, stirring occasionally. Drain and serve.

Prepare a Special Linguine with Pesto & Prawns!
Step 1: Add pasta to boiling salted water and cook for the time indicated on pack. We recommend 7g of salt for every 100g of Pasta. Step 2: In a large pan fry some prawns lightly with a little extra virgin olive oil. Drain the Pasta and toss the Pesto Genovese and the prawns. For a creamy sauce, add two spoons of the cooking water and mix together. Step 3: For a special touch, add some fresh basil leaves with black pepper. Dress the plates and enjoy.

Allergy Information

May contain traces of Soy and Mustard.

Country of Origin



Barilla G. e R. Fratelli,
Società per Azioni,
Via Mantova 166,
43122, Parma,

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Euro Food Brands,
Kimbell Mews,
NN2 8XB,
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Recycling Information

Pack - Recyclable

Other Information

Full Product Name:
Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta.

Store in a cool and dry place.

6 Servings

Euro Food Brands,
1 Kimbell Mews,
NN2 8XB.

Allergen Information

May Contain Mustard, May Contain Soya, Contains Wheat


Durum Wheat Semolina, Water

Dietary Information

Gluten free

Nutritional Data

Typical Values100g80g%RI(¹) /80g
Energy kJ/kcal1521/3591217/28714%
Fat g2,01,62%
of which: saturates g0,50,42%
Carbohydrate g71,057,022%
of which: sugars g3,52,83%
Fibre g3,02,4
Protein g13,010,020%
Salt g0,010,00%
(¹)RI = Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)
The package contains approximately 6 servings of 80g