Bonne Maman Cherry Compote 600g

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A staple in most French kitchens, Bonne Maman Compotes are an easy way to enjoy the delicious flavour of natural summer fruit all year round. Bursting with whole cherries, this compote is wonderfully versatile in the kitchen. Tasting delicious on its own, cherry compote also works extremely well in many types of baking, and offers a perfect topping for yoghurts and ice cream. At breakfast time, it makes a delightful accompaniment to granola, muesli or porridge oats.

Cherry Compote is 85% ripe fruit, lightly simmered in a natural sugar syrup. Please note, unlike jams and marmalades, compotes are not ‘conserved’, so the jar should be refrigerated once opened and consumed within five days.

With every mouthful, our conserve and spreads will transport you to a tranquil garden in the French countryside, where you take time to enjoy food for pleasure, just as the French do.

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All our iconic Bonne Maman packaging is fully recyclable. Reusing your empty jars is the perfect way to enjoy Bonne Maman, even after the last spoonful! From personalised storage ideas to seasonal crafts, our jars can be upcycled for any occasion with these easy tips and tricks found at

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Simple recipes made with care, the way you would do it at home., Bonne Maman Cherry Compote is 85% ripe fruit, Suitable for Vegetarians, Free from Artificial Colours and Flavours, Gluten and GMO's, Packaging is 100% Recyclable.

Further Description

BONNE MAMAN CHERRY Compote is whole fruit, cooked simply and gently in a light syrup in the traditional French style.

From France.


Bonne Maman


Refrigerate after opening and consume within 3 days.


Delicious in many different ways:
- Eat on its own, or with cream, ice cream, fromage frais, custard or yoghurt.
- Mix into trifles, muesli, jellies, fruit salads, mousses.
- Cook in soufflés, puddings, pies.
- Blend and serve as a sauce, hot or cold.
- Freeze into home-made ice creams or sorbets.

Preparation and Usage

Occasionally, a stone or piece of stone escapes our vigilance and ends up in the jar. So we ask you to be vigilant too.

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Bonne Maman,
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BA11 9DB.

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Bonne Maman,
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Recycling Information

Jar - Recyclable; Lid - Recyclable

Other Information

Full Product Name:
Cherry Compote

Refrigerate after opening and consumer within 5 days.
Best before end: see side of lid.


Why not add a fruity touch to your breakfast with a Bonne Maman compote by following this easy recipe.
Tip: If you are making breakfast for your loved ones, do this in an empty Bonne Maman jar for a very simple, yet beautiful presentation.
Ingredients: Bonne Maman Cherry Compote, Honey and nut Granola (any alternative Granola is fine), Greek yogurt
Instructions: Fill a jar with a 2cm layer of granola. Next add a 2cm layer of Bonne Maman compote over the granola. Finish by adding 2cm layer of natural yogurt.


Cherries 92%, Sugar, Gelling Agent: Fruit Pectins, Acidity Regulator: Calcium Citrate

Dietary Information

Suitable for Vegetarians; Gluten free

Nutritional Data

Typical Valuesper 100g
of which saturates0g
of which sugars24g