Brown Bio Bagasse Large Cups, 470ml 10 per pack

£3.10 31p each

These cups with a natural, kraft-like appearance are perfect for your morning coffee or drinks, at any time.

Sweet cups are made from a mixture of Bagasse and paper. Bagasse is a renewable and natural by-product of sugar production, which otherwise would have been wasted. It is lined with PLA, derived from renewable resources, like corn starch, known as a 'bioplastic'.

Composting & Recycling:

This cup is compostable in industrial facilities and returns to soil in just 12 weeks. The plastic wrapping is made from LDPE which can be recycled at carrier bag collection points in larger  supermarkets.

Warning: Suitable for liquids up to 100 degrees Celsius in temperature. 


Within the Duni 'ecoecho' range, we've united all the products which have been developed with an emphasis on sustainability, environmental friendliness and CO2 footprint reduction. We use innovative new materials, which are either compostable or recycled. Duni 'ecoecho' products are designed to meet the demanding needs of today's environmentally conscious households.