De Cecco Rigatoni 500g

£2.10 42p per 100g
1 Slow Drying
It was in 1889, as noted in the Treccani Encyclopaedia, when Filippo De Cecco invented the first machine designed for "Slow Drying" at a low temperature. To this day, we still use the same method to better preserve the flavours and aroma of wheat and the natural colour of our semolina in order to guarantee a Superior Quality Pasta.
2 The Best Durum Wheats
We select the best durum wheats from Italy and the rest of the world in terms of gluten quality, healthiness, protein content and organoleptic characteristics, in order to constantly guarantee, despite the variability of the crops, an "al dente pasta with an intense taste to savour.
3 Coarse Ground Semolina
We only use "coarse" ground semolina to maintain the integrity of the gluten and obtain a pasta which is always "al dente".
4 Cold Mountain Water
We only make our dough with cold Majella mountain water, at a temperature of lower than 15°C to ensure that the pasta remains perfectly firm when cooking.
5 Coarse Bronze Drawing
We craft our pasta with bronze draw plates to guarantee the ideal porosity to best capture the sauces.

Traditional production methods that stay true to our over 125 years old family recipe
1 Since 1886 we have been choosing the best durum wheat produced in Italy and in the rest of the world to guarantee a pasta with unique qualities and a perfect cooking performance
2 Before being milled, our wheat must pass strict quality controls to make sure we deliver on our promise
3 The semolina we use for kneading is "coarse" to preserve the gluten integrity and to guarantee a "sweeter" taste
4 We knead the semolina with cold water at a temperature lower than 15°C to ensure greater pasta firmness while cooking
5 We use rough bronze drawplates, making the dough porous to better capture the sauce
6 We let pasta dry slowly at low temperatures to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of our wheat

From father to son
Since 1886 we have been carrying on an important responsibility: our tradition of making pasta, without compromise, that we refine each single day and that allows us to bring the authentic pleasure of Italian cuisine all over the world.

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De Cecco respects the environment from start to finish


De Cecco

Preparation and Usage

Cooking time: 12 - 14 min.

Allergy Information

May contain Soy and Mustard

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Produced by:
F.lli De Cecco di Filippo Fara S. Martino S.p.A.,
Via F. De Cecco,
66015 Fara S. Martino (CH),

C.da Caldari Stazione No 69,
66026 Ortona (CH),

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De Cecco U.K. Ltd,
The Old School House,
Station Street,
Kibworth Beauchamp,
LE8 0LN,

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Store away from heat sources, from light and avoid damp places

De Cecco U.K. Ltd,
The Old School House,
Station Street,
Kibworth Beauchamp,
LE8 0LN,

Allergen Information

May Contain Mustard, May Contain Soya, Contains Wheat


Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta

Nutritional Data

Typical Valuesper 100g
Energy1490 kJ
351 kcal
Fat1,5 g
of which: saturates0,3 g
Carbohydrate69 g
of which: sugars3,4 g
Fibre2,9 g
Protein14 g
Salt0 g