Faldeo Prosecco Rose 75cl

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Prosecco DOC Rose
Prosecco is a very popular Italian sparkling wine enjoyed in Venice and all over the world. Its aromatic bouquet, fresh fruity flavour and gentle mousse make it an ideal aperitif for parties and everyday celebrations. 




Ambient - To enjoy this wine at its best, drink within 1 year of purchase

Preparation and Usage

Vinification Process:
Musts are clarified with bentonite and PVPP, and then sent to fermentation tanks. The fermentation process is done in temperature controlled (16-18C) stainless steel tanks with the addition of selected yeasts. After the first fermentation the wine is kept on yeasts until the second fermentation (sparkling process). The second fermentation happens in autoclave through addition of sugar and most re-fermented by selected added yeasts. When the desired sugar level is achieved the fermentation process is interrupted by temperature reduction, and is kept in the same autoclave until final filtration and bottling.
Bottling Process:
When the production process is completed and if product analysis are satisfactory, the product is sent to the bottling process. Bottles are washed and rinsed in a dedicated rinser using water filtered at 0.20 micron, then the filling process starts. Bottles are filled according and in conformity with European legislation; bottles with liquid levels below the
minimum standard allowed are automatically detected and removed from the bottling line. After filling and level check bottles are sent to capping (using natural mushroom cork), positioning of the wire cage, application of the capsule, application of front and back labels, printing of product lot, and final optic automatic check that all the elements are correctly in place. After bottling and labelling bottles are automatically positioned inside boxes, on which product labels are applied before weight check and palletising. On each pallet a label is applied with a barcode identifying the location in the warehouse.

Allergy Information

Contains Sulphites

ABV (%)


Grape Variety


Serving Suggestions

Enjoy chilled and in your favorite sparkling cocktail


Casa Vinicola Zonin S.p.A., Italia


Zonin1821 UK


Zonin1821 is a family winery, established over 200 years ago in 1821 in the Veneto region. Recognised as one of the finest Italian sparkling wine producers.

Regional Information

From the Prosecco D.O.C. region in North East Italy one of the most beautiful parts of Italy. Bottled in Gambellara, Veneto.

Current Vintage


Vinification Details

The blend of Glera and Pinot Nero (vinified in red), coming from the same harvest, are naturally fermented in pressurised stainless steel tanks (Charmat Method) for a period of at least 60 days.

Type of Closure

Natural Cork

Country of Origin


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Produced by:
C V Z S.P.A.,

Return To Address

Zonin UK Limited,
8 Battersea Park Road,
SW8 4BG.

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Other Information

Zonin UK Limited,
8 Battersea Park Road,
SW8 4BG.

Allergen Information

Contains Sulphur Dioxide/Sulphites


Glera (White Wine, Grape Must), Pinot Nero (Red Wine, Grape Must), Potassium metabisulphite, Sucrose, Yeast Powder, Diammonium, Phosphate, Thiamine Hydrochloride, Citric Acid, Bentonite, Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone

Dietary Information

Contains added sugars