Good & Proper Tea - Loose Leaf Jasmine Pearls Green Tea 50g

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The leaves of this delicate green tea are hand-rolled into a characteristic 'pearl' shape, before being naturally scented with fresh jasmine flowers. The blossoms are scattered amongst the tea leaves at dusk, just as they open and release their heady aroma, and over 4 or 5 hours the tea leaves absorb their flavour and fragrance. Thanks to this unique process, each hand-rolled pearl unfurls to produce a smooth and irresistibly floral cup.

Good & Proper
We work hard to find delicious, single-origin teas from around the world - each one distinct and full of flavour. We then focus on helping you bring out the best possible flavour in every cup.
We call this way of doing things Good & Proper, and from rich breakfast teas to aromatic oolongs, floral green teas to refreshing herbal infusions, our award-winning range offers a spectrum of flavour for any time of day.


These tightly-rolled pearls produce a delicate, smooth and irresistibly floral cup

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Good & Proper

Preparation and Usage

Brewing Instructions
Tea leaves 12-15 pearls /200ml
Water Temperature 80°C
Brew time 3 minutes

Brewing Tea Properly
When it comes to making a delicious cup of tea, there is no doubt that loose leaf will always be best - the leaves need space to spread out, unfurl and release their full flavour.
For the best possible cup every time, use freshly-drawn, filtered water to fill your kettle, take care with how much tea you add to your pot, and give the leaves time to do their thing before straining into a cup.

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Full Product Name:
Jasmine Pearls

Store in a cool, dry place

20 Count

Fujian, China


Green Tea