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M&S British Roast Chicken Slices 130g
130g (£2.62 per 100g)
M&S Sliced Chargrilled Chicken Breast 120g
120g (£3.00 per 100g)
M&S Sliced Italian Salami Milano 90g
90g (£3.78 per 100g)
M&S 12 Sausage Rolls 360g
360g (£1.00 per 100g)
M&S Spanish Pitted Mild Manzanilla Olives 160g
160g (£2.31 per 100g)
M&S Cheese & Onion Quiche 400g
400g (93p per 100g)
M&S 6 Mini British Melton Mowbray Pork Pies 300g
300g (£1.13 per 100g)
M&S Italian Bresaola 70g
70g (£4.86 per 100g)
M&S Flame Seared Italian Artichokes 173g
173g (£2.25 per 100g)
M&S Olives with Garlic, Pimento & Jalapeno 170g
170g (£2.18 per 100g)
M&S Collection 2 Pork Sausage Rolls 160g
160g (£2.25 per 100g)
M&S Dinky Cornish Pasties 180g
180g (£2.00 per 100g)
M&S Full-Bodied Greek Kalamata Olives 260g
260g (£1.42 per 100g)
M&S All Butter Victoria Sandwich Cake 460g
460g (83p per 100g)
M&S Matured Italian Prosciutto 70g
70g (£5.57 per 100g)
M&S Smooth Brussels Pate 170g
170g (£1.94 per 100g)
M&S 8 Fresh Herb Falafels 160g
160g (£2.13 per 100g)
Out of stock
M&S 10 Dinky British Melton Mowbray Pork Pies 250g
250g (£1.44 per 100g)
Out of stock
M&S Vine Leaves Filled with Seasoned Rice 200g
200g (£1.95 per 100g)
Out of stock
M&S Slow Roasted Tomatoes & Italian Mozzarella 200g
200g (£1.95 per 100g)
Out of stock