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Salad & Herbs85
M&S Sweet & Crunchy Carrots 1kg
1kg (65p per kg)
M&S Organic Carrots 550g
550g (£2.00 per kg)
M&S Red Peppers 2 per pack
2 per pack (83p each)
M&S Piccolo Vine Tomatoes 360g
360g (£10.83 per kg)
M&S Piccolo Vine Tomatoes 220g
220g (£11.82 per kg)
M&S Sugardrop Tomatoes 220g
220g (£12.73 per kg)
M&S Traditional Coleslaw 300g
300g (45p per 100g)
M&S Red & Gold Santini Tomatoes 340g
340g (£8.53 per kg)
M&S Broccoli Crown 325g
325g (£4.62 per kg)
M&S Rosa Verde Salad Washed & Ready to Eat 140g
140g (£1.71 per 100g)
M&S Sweet Potatoes 1kg
1kg (£1.30 per kg)
M&S Baby New Potatoes 750g
750g (£2.33 per kg)
M&S Shiitake Mushrooms 150g
150g (£15.33 per kg)
M&S Organic Little Gem Lettuce 2 per pack
2 per pack (93p each)
M&S Little Gem Lettuce 2 per pack
2 per pack (50p each)
M&S Courgettes 325g
325g (£4.15 per kg)
M&S Miniature New Potatoes 500g
500g (£4.60 per kg)
Cook With M&S Coriander 25g
25g (36p per 10g)
M&S Reduced Fat Traditional Coleslaw 300g
300g (45p per 100g)
M&S Spinach Washed & Ready to Eat 120g
120g (£1.42 per 100g)
M&S Watercress Washed & Ready to Eat 80g
80g (£2.25 per 100g)
M&S Fennel
M&S Brown Cooking Onions 1kg
1kg (£1.25 per kg)
M&S Beansprouts 300g
300g (29p per 100g)