Olive Branch Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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A single varietal, 100% natural extra virgin olive oil cold-pressed solely from Koroneiki olives to produce an intensely flavoured fruity olive oil with a hyper-fresh grassy aroma. The flavour takes you through three distinct stages, beginning with a fresh grassy flavour - likened to freshly cut herbs, moving onto some fruity banana like undertones and finishing with a light spiky peppery finish.

Origin: Lasithi Province, Crete, Greece

Together with the neighbouring farmers in our region, we work as a co-operative to carefully handpick our olives and cold press them at the local press which has been serving the community in our region of Crete for many generations. Preserving traditional harvesting methods and respecting age old traditions, our Koroneiki olives are harvested by hand so no wildlife is affected during the picking. The olives are packed into sacks and cold pressed on the same day at the co-operative mill that has been the soul of the community for many generations. Our extra virgin olive oil has a naturally low acidity which delivers a superior quality flavour with high nutritional values.


Early harvest, Hand & picked & cold pressed, Cooperative made on the island of Crete, Great taste 2016


Olive Branch

Preparation and Usage

First cold press.
Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Ideal for salads, roasting & dressings

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My Olive Branch Ltd,
PO Box 470,
HA4 4JB,
United Kingdom.

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My Olive Branch Ltd,
PO Box 470,
HA4 4JB,
United Kingdom.

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Other Information

Full Product Name:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Store in a cool, dark place. Keep away from direct sunlight

Additional Information:
Variety: Koroneiki

Nutritional Data

Typical Valuesper 100ml
Energy:837.5 kcal/
of which sugars:0g
Total fat:93.8g
of which
Saturated fat:13.4g
Polyunsaturated fat:6.7g
Mono-unsaturated fat:73.7g
Chemical Characteristics
Acidity:max 0.6%
K268:max 0.22
K232:max 2.50
ΔK:max 0.01
Peroxide Value:max 20.0