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This exquisite, variety of plum is an inter- species hybrid between a plum and apricot, with the plum being more of the dominant party, but adopting the best characteristics from both fruit. Originating in California in the late 19th century initially found that whilst being easy to cross pollinate, growing of them was a little more challenging. In the 1980s, they were cross pollinated further with more plum and resulted in being easier to grow, naming them ‘Pluots’ with the ‘Flavorking’ resulting in being the best variety of them all.

The unique irresistible flavour is reminiscent of ‘Bubblegum’ bringing back childhood memories for some whilst others feel they have a slight hint of ‘Peardrop’.  The Skin is dark purple with a decadent deep bold red interior flesh, giving off a sensational and distinctive fragrance when perfectly ripe. The fruit is only allowed to be harvested and sold as Flavorking if the sugar levels (sweetness) of the fruit is at a certain level; so when you purchase Flavorking, it comes with the guarantee to be delicious.

Mainly used as a snacking fruit purely for the fact that they have such a unique flavour, they also can be used in lots of sweet and savoury dishes too. Pop them into the fridge and bring them back up to room temperature just before eating as this when they are at their very best




Keep Refrigerated

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Wash before use

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France, Spain and South Africa

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Pulp Tray, Film and Label

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