Orchardworld Ready to Eat Peaches 4 per pack

£4.50 £1.13 each

Here at Orchardworld, we love our fruit and believe that fruit should be eaten when it has fully matured, ensuring maximum flavour and juiciness is unlocked. Just at the right time. 


However, we will be honest, while we are patient waiting for the fruit to mature in the Orchard, we struggle to wait once the fruit is picked – after all, it’s only perfectly ready to eat for a short window of time. We are sure that you can relate. 


With this pack of Ready to Eat Peaches we want to give you a little bit of time back. No more waiting around as life is too short to wait for good fruit.


Orchardworld Ready to Eat Peaches - Simply sweet and genuinely tasty.


But please don’t forget, if you somehow manage to not eat these scrumptious peaches all in one go, and you want the fruit to be perfectly ripe for as long as possible, keep them in the fridge!




Refrigerate after purchase.

Bring to room temperature before eating for an improved flavour.

Country of Origin

Country of origin may vary due to seasonality.

Country of origin may vary between Argentina, Chile, Egypt, France, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, UK, USA.