Packington Free Range Diced Pork 350g

£5.25 £15.00 per kg
British pork (outdoor reared and finished)

No added salt and sugar
Free from allergens and additives
Suitable for diabetics and coeliacs

Diced pork

At Packington Free Range we firmly believe that what is good for the animals and the land will naturally be good for us and better for our customers. This is the philosophy of our great grandfather before us and we believe passionately in provenance, sustainable and ethical farming which fuels our drive to create an environmentally sound and welfare orientated farm, which will allow us to continue to farm the land here in Staffordshire for generations to come. It's this simple philosophy that enables us to produce the most succulent, richly flavoured meat, often lost in today's intensive farming methods.

Our pigs are truly free-range. Born and living outdoors for their whole lives, they are reared to the highest welfare standards with plenty of space of roam, be sociable and wallow in the mud on sunny days. Along with fresh bedding, high quality food, a plentiful supply of water and lots of tender loving care, we produce healthy, happy pigs.

Packington Free Range pigs are recognised by RSPCA Freedom Foods, We believe that the traditional free-range way of farming is paramount. It may take longer to produce pigs in this way and cost a little more, but the results are worth it. Unlike most other free-range farms, all Packington Free Range pigs are born outdoors and live their whole lives in the lush green pastures of our farm at Packington. They are not taken indoors to fatten up at the end of their lives, we ensure they are able to live stress-free by always providing them with what they need, when they need it.

All our pork is prepared, hand cut and packed by Jon Thorner's, a Q Guild Master butcher. All the cuts are hand prepared under the supervision of the family, ensuring there high standard are maintained throughout, with every product cared for with love and attention it desires. As a family butchery business they understand the needs of the customer and their requirements enabling us to bring this truly superb product to you.
We know you'll enjoy it. - Rob Mercer.

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Packed in England - UK
Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Freedom Food - RSPCA Monitored
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At Packington Free Range, we have a simple philosophy; what's good for our pigs, chickens and the land will be naturally good for us and better for our customers.
It's this simple philosophy which enables us to produce the most succulent, richly flavoured meat, often lost in today's intensive farming methods.
We know you'll enjoy it.
Alec & Rob Mercer
Packington Free Range
Passion, respect and a relentless drive for excellence, have helped us, and the generations before us, to grow into the business we are today.
Our respect extends beyond our livestock to our land as well. We've partnered with Natural England to drive many environmental schemes on our farms. Our fields have grass margins, to protect hedgerows and encourage ecosystems to flourish. We plant wild bird seed mixes, to supply insects and farmland birds with vital foods sources.
Packington Free Range pigs and chickens are given plenty of time to mature and lots of pasture to roam. This is not only best for the animal's welfare, but it also results in first class meat, a fact recognised by our customers and supported by numerous industry rewards.


British pork, Hand cut by Jon Thorner's - Award Winning Butchers, Freedom Food - RSPCA monitored


Packington Free Range


Keep Refrigerated; Suitable for Home Freezing


Shallow Fry - From Chilled. Remove all packaging in preparation for cooking. Allow the pieces to get to room temperature. Place the meat into frying pan and cook off until the cubes are coloured on all sides add additional ingredients of your choice and continue to cook until ready.


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Diced pork

Keep refrigerated below 5ºC. Once opened, consume within 2 days. Cool leftovers to room temperature, refrigerate within 2 hours. Consume within 2 days. Suitable for freezing on day of purchase. Use within 1 month. Defrost full before use, do not refreeze once defrosted.

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Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

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Suitable for Diabetics
No Added Salt
No Added Sugar
Suitable for Coeliacs
Free From Additives