Pellini No.42 Tradizionale Ground Coffee 500g

£12.00 £2.40 per 100g
Pellini offers the authentic Italian espresso designed for the traditional measurement of 25ml of coffee, which enhances the taste and the scents of the espresso.

Pellini Tradizionale is a full-bodied and strong espresso. The roasting gives an intense taste and a classic coffee scent.

Italian roast and ground coffee.
Each 500g pack contains 2x250g packs.
Ideal for Espresso machine.
Also suitable for Cafetiere coffee pots and Percolators

About Pellini Caffè
Pellini Caffè is an Italian family run company with quality and flavour at the heart of the business, putting many years experience into every coffee they make: it's all part of their commitment to bringing authentic Italian espresso coffee culture to homes and cafes all over the world.
Everything begins with the selection of the finest coffee beans directly in their country of origin. They are then painstakingly roasted from the outer coating to the inner core through very gradual temperature increase to ensure the full extraction the full aromatic profile of the different beans.
The beans are then skilfully blended and ground to the degree required by the brewing method (moka, espresso, percolator, capsules, pods).
The expertise of Pellini family in creating superior tastes is the reason for the unique and unmistakable aroma that sets Pellini's coffee apart from its competitors.
Pellini Caffè pays utmost attention to guaranteed high quality standard in every single step of the production process: coffee goes through over 150 process and product controls every day to ensure quality and flavour is maintained from start to finish.





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Pellini Caffè S.p.A.,
Via 1° Maggio,
8 37012

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Full Product Name:
Italian espresso ground coffee.

Best before the date shown on side of pack.

Product of Italy

Additional Information:
Full Product Name: Italian espresso ground coffee
Origin: Made in Italy Additional Information: Certified quality system ISO 9001:2008.
Kosher Certification

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