Penderyn Myth Single Malt Welsh Whisky 70cl

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Tasting Notes
Fresh and lively, Myth has mixed citrus fruits mingling with apple, pear drops and the merest hint of tropical fruits. In the mouth sweetness dominates then moves over a little to allow some refreshing bitterness to emerge while the mixed fruits continue to dominate the flavour. Gradually all the flavours simply ebb away to leave memories of a lively and light style of whisky that is easy to drink.

Today the Red Dragon (in Welsh, Y Ddraig Goch) is the proud national flag of Wales. This fiery creature is close to our hearts. It is thought that the ancient Welsh kings were using the dragon as a royal emblem by the early 5th century AD. In this they followed Roman cohorts that carried hollow metal 'draco' standards, through which the wind howled, to install fear in their foes.

Wales is part of the United Kingdom and home to the native people of the British Isles. Welsh national identity emerged among the Celtic Britons after the Roman withdrawal in the 5th century. In this country, rich in myth and legend, the people have a quiet power and passion and many still speak the ancient Welsh language.

Penderyn make award-winning whiskies and spirits at their distillery in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales. The area has spectacular mountain scenery, open moorland, farmland and valleys containing fast-flowing streams, rivers and waterfalls.

The Making of Myth
Our unique copper stills are charged with a fermented barley 'wash'. This is distilled to produce a flavourful spirit of extraordinary strength and purity which is married with water from the Brecon before maturing in the finest ex-bourbon casks.
Penderyn Myth is matured in a range of selected ex-red wine and ex-bourbon casks made from American White Oak, so as to both express and complement our naturally clean, smooth and fruity spirit in its purest form.


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