Pukka Tea Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey Teabags 20 per pack

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Flower power
Three incredible organic jewels: Chamomile - gorgeous flowers in every box; Vanilla - whose orchid flowers are hand pollinated; Manuka honey - from bees that thrive on Manuka flower power.

Be bliss
Embrace the web of modern life and allow the tangles to unwind. Here is a pool of serenity. Sweet vanilla and manuka honey with deliciously supportive chamomile. Nature's most treasured botanicals woven to make every cup a moment of blissful tranquillity.
Every Pukka tea uses the highest grade organic herbs. Each one blending herbal wisdom with delicious flavours to help you lead a fairer, happier life.
Sebastian Pole Master Herbsmith

In stillness you are restored - In the midst of chaos and clutter, there's a pool that's still. Finding your way there is easy, fresh water and heat awaken the magic of nature's finest gifts: silky golden chamomile, exotic vanilla pod, and the golden balm of manuka honey. With a sip, stillness takes over. Enjoy your blissful moments.
Good news for inner peace.

Feel calm, with our expertly blended Chamomile, Vanilla and Manuka Honey tea. Crafted with soothing herbs, chamomile, fennel, licorice, vanilla and manuka honey, our sweet blend naturally unwinds you.

Created by herbal experts and nutritionists, our Chamomile, Vanilla and Manuka Honey tea combines the latest scientific research with traditional herbal wisdom to naturally calm you. Each biodegradable tea bag is full of essential oils and the highest quality herbs, specifically sourced for their relaxing properties. The perfect way to take the weight off your shoulders, unwind with each calming cup, and enjoy the cloudless skies.

Part of our calm family, this combination of high quality herbs is naturally caffeine-free and only contains ethically sourced, organically grown ingredients. The main ingredient, chamomile is sourced from three different countries, Egypt, Hungry and Croatia. Each has different climates and weather conditions meaning the delicate flowers take on different flavours and properties. The chamomile is harvested very early in the morning to ensure the vital essential oils are not lost and are protected by our FSC® certified recyclable paper sachets until you are ready to enjoy.

Perfect for feeling calm, naturally unwind with our organic Chamomile, Vanilla and Manuka Honey tea
Expertly blended by herbal experts and nutritionists using the highest quality ingredients
Crafted with calming chamomile, sweet vanilla and manuka honey with subtle notes of fennel and licorice
To help the sweet flavours to fully disperse, pour boiling water directly on the tea bag and infuse for up to 15 minutes
Naturally caffeine free, organic and ethically sourced ingredients, non GMO
Striving to positively change the world for, we are a B Corp organisation, giving back 1% for the planet and are Fair for Life and FairWild certified

Blended by our in-house herbal experts and nutritionists using the highest quality organic ingredients, our herbal creation combines the latest scientific research with traditional herbal wisdom to calm your body


Organic, A blissful dip in a pool of calm, Naturally caffeine-free and ethically sourced, 100% organically grown, Kosher

Further Description

Made with purpose
Beauty comes from within as much as outside. It's why our boxes use vegetable-based inks on sustainably sourced, recyclable card. Every box blended and packed using renewable energy and every bag stitched with organic string. Every single tag and envelope is recyclable. Everything crafted with care that in turn cares for your world.

1% For the Planet



Preparation and Usage

Infuse for up to 15 minutes in freshly boiled water
Boiling just the water you need helps make every cup of Pukka tea as sustainable as it can be.

Country of Origin

United Kingdom


Pukka Herbs Ltd,
The Herb House,
BS31 2GN,

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Pukka Herbs Ltd,
The Herb House,
BS31 2GN,

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Recycling Information

Packing - Recyclable

Other Information

Full Product Name:
Naturally caffeine-free 20 herbal tea sachets

Best before end: see base

20 Count

Additional Information:
Soil Association Organic - Non-UK Agriculture
EU Organic - GB-ORG-05, EU/Non-EU Agriculture
FairWild - 10% FairWild™ certified ingredients (Licorice) by dried weights. Visit www.fairwild.org
Fair for life - fair trade, 20% fair trade ingredients certified according to the Fair for Life Standard - Licorice, Sweet Fennel
FSC - FSC® Mix, Packaging, FSC® C021323


Chamomile Flower (68.5%), Fennel Seed (Sweet and Bitter Fennel Seed), Licorice Root, Manuka Honey Flavour (3.5%), Vanilla Flavour (3.5%)

Dietary Information

Kosher; Organic