Serious Tissues Carbon Neutral Toilet Roll 4 per pack

£4.50 £1.13 each
Serious Tissues do neither.
We're made right here in the UK.


Loo roll that's fighting climate change, Viva la revolootion!, Free Carbon Neutral Product, One tree planted, Certified Social Enterprise Business for Good, No carbon, chlorine, plastic, dyes, fragrances, unnecessary chemicals or packaging

Further Description

You know it's Serious when toilet roll is fighting climate change.
Toilet paper is an ecological disaster. Either we're cutting down forests that have been growing for 30 years or shipping bamboo halfway round the world.

We're 100% sourced from the paper and cardboard in your recycling bin, so no trees are harmed.
In fact, we're planting trees for every pack all across the world from Haiti to Madagascar, Kenya to Indonesia and right here in the UK in partnership with the Tree Council.

No Butts
We're proud to support Lorraine and ITV'S amazing No Butts campaign.
Early bowel cancer diagnosis saves lives, contact your doctor if you have:
Blood in your poo or when you go to the loo.
Obvious change in your toilet habit.
Weight loss you can't explain.
Extreme tiredness for no apparent reason.
Lump or pain in your tummy.

Lorraine ITV
Bowel Cancer UK


Serious Tissues

Country of Origin

United Kingdom


Nine Barks Ltd,
Unit 5 - Print Village,
58 Chadwick Rd,
SE15 4PU

Return To Address
Nine Barks Ltd,
Unit 5 - Print Village,
58 Chadwick Rd,
SE15 4PU

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Recycling Information

Card - Recycle; Wrap - Recycle

Other Information

Made in the UK

Additional Information:
Toilet Rolls

3-Ply Tissue.
190 sheets per roll.
Average size: 110mm x 115mm