Spontex Heavy Duty Super Absorbent Sponge Scourer 2 per pack

£2.50 £1.25 each
Efficient and super absorbent
Biodegradable cellulose sponge
Scouring side made from 100% recycled fibres
Specially contoured to clean hard to reach areas
Versatile sponge scourer

Spontex Spongy Heavy Duty Scourers are super absorbent and supple. The sponge is ideal for wiping down surfaces and mopping up spills whilst the scouring side is efficient for all your daily washing up. Scourer size: 65 x 23 x 110 mm.

Did you know? These scourers are specially shaped to get into all those awkward spots.

The wiping side of Spontex Spongy Heavy Duty Scourers is made from cellulose which is a natural, plant based material that's 100% biodegradable in less than 3 months. The wood pulp used to make the cellulose comes from sustainably managed forests. The scouring side is made using 100% recycled fibres, with just one 50cl, 4 scourers can be made. Spontex Spongy Heavy Duty Scourers can be washed and reused multiple times. When they are no longer fit for their intended use why not find them a new purpose like cleaning shoes or scrubbing bins.

Top Tip: To quickly freshen up the scourers, pop them in a suitable container with some clean water and microwave for 30 seconds or so… wait a minute or two before removing as they'll still be hot.

Spontex develops and markets a full range of consumer driven products in the household cleaning category. Their cloths, scourers, gloves, mops and brooms are all designed to make everyday tasks better, quicker and easier. Spontex, champion of less effort.

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Heavy duty scouring combined with super absorbent sponge, Specially contoured shape for cleaning in hard to reach places, Natural biodegradable sponge, Made using 100% recycled fibres helping to reduce waste

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Usage Guidelines:
- Heavy duty extra thick scourer for powerful cleaning.
- Removes even the the most stubborn dirt.
- Sponge is made from organic fibres that can absorb up to 25 times its own weight in water.
- Rinse thoroughly before and after each use.
- Do not use on non scratch items or delicate surfaces.

Preparation and Usage

Always rinse thoroughly before and after each use. Test on an inconspicuous area of the surface to be cleaned before use. Do not use on non-stick pans or delicate surfaces. If the sponge has dried out then just wet it to make it flexible again. Machine washable at 40°C.

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Safety Warning:
To avoid suffocation please keep the wrapper away from babies and young children.

Made in France