Spontex Sensitive Vinyl Disposable Gloves 20 per pack

£4.50 23p each
For the most sensitive skin.
Hypoallergenic & dermatologically tested.
Certified antivirus.
Latex free and powder free.
Enhanced sensitivity and feeling.

Spontex Handy Sensitive disposable gloves are latex free and hypoallergenic disposable gloves suitable for the most sensitive skin. Made from soft stretch vinyl, they mould to the shape of the hand resulting in enhanced sensitivity and feeling. With antivirus protection, the gloves provide a protective layer that prevents viruses and other microorganisms from coming into contact with the skin. They are ideal for a range of tasks such as cleaning, gardening, DIY, hair colouring, beauty, polishing shoes, car maintenance and pet care. They are specially designed to fit either hand and easy to put on and take off. Pop a pack in the car in case you need protection whilst out and about! 20 disposable gloves. One size. Composition: Vinyl (latex free) disposable gloves. Powder free. Suitable for people with natural latex protein allergies.

Spontex disposable gloves can be recycled! We're proud to have partnered with TerraCycle to keep our disposable gloves out of landfill. Please visit www.spontex.co.uk/recycle to find out more about our scheme and to sign up! The handy dispenser pack, which is perfect to pop in the car in case you need protection whilst out and about, is now 100% recyclable with your usual household recycling. We have switched from a plastic pack to a 100% recyclable pack made from recycled cardboard, saving 1.4 tonnes of plastic per year.

At Spontex, we think your hands are so precious they deserve the best. That is why we design and test our products to the highest standard. We are constantly looking for better solutions to protect your hands and keep them soft and beautiful.

Spontex develops and markets a full range of consumer driven products in the household cleaning category. Their cloths, sponges, scourers, gloves, mops and brooms are all designed to make everyday tasks better, quicker and easier. Spontex, champion of less effort.

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For the most sensitive skin., Hypoallergenic* & dermatologically tested., Certified antivirus and antibacterial., Latex free and powder free., Enhanced sensitivity and feeling.

Preparation and Usage

Single use disposable gloves. Non-sterile gloves, not suitable for medical use. Not suitable for prolonged immersion in liquids. Avoid contact with ketones, acetone, greases, oils and aromatic or chlorinated solvents. Do not use with harsh chemicals. Performances are not significantly affected by ageing if the gloves are stored in the appropriate conditions (humidity, temperature, cleanliness, ventilation, lighting). Store away from direct heat and sunlight. Not suitable for food contact.

Field of application of the 939 glove: These gloves are suitable for protection against microorganisms and viruses. It is recommended to check that the gloves are suitable for their intended use, as the conditions at the place of use may differ from those of the typical test, depending on temperature, abrasion and degradation. Before use, it is recommended to inspect the gloves to ensure that they are free from defects or imperfections. Penetration resistance has been evaluated under laboratory conditions and relates only to the test specimen. The affixing of the CE marking on these products means that they meet the requirements of Regulation 2016/425 on personal protective equipment concerning innocuousness, comfort and strength.

Gloves meet the requirements (innocuousness, comfort, robustness and protection against the risks claimed) of the PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment, as amended to apply in GB. Certified by the notified body n°0075 - CTC 4 rue Hermann Frenkel 69367 Lyon Cedex 07 France. The UKCA marking was issued for this PPE by SATRA Technology Centre Ltd (AB0321). Module C2 followed by the CTC (NB 0075) and SATRA Technology Centre (AB 0321). Gloves of category III : Protection against fatal or irreversible risks, module C2, followed by the CTC - NB 0075. SATRA: SATRA Technology Centre, Wyndham Way, Telford Way, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN16 8SD, UK.

Protection against microorganisms including bacteria, fungi and viruses according to EN ISO 374-5:2016.

The EU and UK declarations of conformity are available to download at www.spontex.co.uk.

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