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Meals for 150
Meals for 232
Pizza & Garlic Bread23
Traditional British23
Chinese, Thai & Oriental20
Mediterranean & Moroccan1
Lighter Meals9
Kids Meals3
Hot Pies, Quiche & Pasties11
Easy to Cook60
M&S Thin & Crispy Cheese & Tomato Pizza 242g
242g (£1.28 per 100g)
M&S Buttery Mash Potato 450g
450g (71p per 100g)
M&S Beef Lasagne 400g
400g (93p per 100g)
M&S Taste Buds Cheesy Pizza 95g
95g (£1.84 per 100g)
M&S Macaroni Cheese 400g
400g (93p per 100g)
M&S 2 Garlic Baguettes 420g
420g (52p per 100g)
M&S Spaghetti Bolognese 400g
400g (93p per 100g)
M&S Spaghetti Carbonara 400g
400g (93p per 100g)
M&S Sliced Butternut Squash 400g
400g (£4.63 per kg)
M&S Cheese & Tomato Pizza 465g
465g (84p per 100g)
M&S Frites 225g
225g (£1.07 per 100g)
M&S Chicken Arrabbiata 400g
400g (93p per 100g)
M&S Mashed Potato 450g
450g (29p per 100g)
M&S Mini Poppadoms 65g
65g (£1.92 per 100g)
M&S 6 Cheddar Cheese Croquettes 250g
250g (£1.16 per 100g)
M&S Chunky Chips 400g
400g (80p per 100g)
M&S Roasted Vegetable Couscous 200g
200g (£1.45 per 100g)
M&S Prawn Crackers 50g
50g (£2.30 per 100g)
M&S 4 Potato Rosti Cakes 300g
300g (£1.03 per 100g)
M&S Four Cheese Ravioli 375g
375g (99p per 100g)
M&S 6 Mini British Cured Pork Pies 300g
300g (87p per 100g)
M&S Liver & Bacon with Mash & Gravy 450g
450g (83p per 100g)
M&S Chicken & Broccoli Pie 400g
400g (88p per 100g)
M&S 4 Onion Bhajis 168g
168g (£1.73 per 100g)
M&S Chicken Breast in Cheese & Ham Sauce 400g
400g (£1.25 per 100g)
M&S Steak Shortcrust Pastry Pie 200g
200g (£1.60 per 100g)
M&S Beef Cannelloni 400g
400g (93p per 100g)
M&S Orzo & Slow Roasted Tomatoes 200g
200g (£1.45 per 100g)