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M&S Roasted Vegetable Couscous 200g
200g (£1.40 per 100g)
M&S Orzo & Roasted Tomatoes 200g
200g (£1.40 per 100g)
M&S Super Green Salad 190g
190g (£1.47 per 100g)
M&S Plant Kitchen No Chicken Kyiv 280g
280g (£1.61 per 100g)
M&S 4 Chilli Halloumi Kebabs 225g
225g (£2.33 per 100g)
M&S Plant Kitchen Wood Fired Hot & Spicy Pizza 445g
445g (£7.02 per 500g)
M&S Super Nutty Wholefood Salad 200g
200g (£1.40 per 100g)
Out of stock
M&S Carrot & Swede Potato Mash 450g
450g (71p per 100g)
Out of stock
M&S Gastropub Roasted Aubergine with Mozzarella Main for Two 488g
488g (£1.74 per 100g)
Out of stock
M&S 4 Boo Bao Buns 240g
240g (£2.08 per 100g)
Out of stock